Favorite Things about SeaTacPark

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There are so many things to love about working at SeaTacPark. When asked, staff are quick to list many of their perks.

SeaTac Park has the “best” staff! The whole team works together to offer exceptional service from start to finish. They work hard but also play hard. It’s a real pleasure to spend time with these guys. They crack jokes and tease one another, smiling and having a blast the whole time. It’s truly heartening to know that the second you pulled onto the lot you became a part of this fantastic family.

Considering that SeaTacPark is open 24/7, staff really appreciate that they have such accommodating and flexible scheduling options. While they plan and organize who will be on what shift, you can rest assured that at any point and time during your visit there are professionals on staff ready to assist you.

Staff greatly respect that SeaTacPark strives to focus on environmentally friendly processes. The entire reservation services are paperless. Electrical outlets are available for to accommodate electric vehicles. To top it all off, there is a system in place that “separates out contaminates such as sediment and oil from the lot runoff before the water is released into the city’s stormwater system”.

However, the most consistent response from employees regarding their favorite thing about working at SeaTacPark is the numerous interesting people they get to meet. YOU, our patrons. You are SeatacPark’s favorite thing. Just thought you would want to know.

Next time you take the shuttle, feel free to talk with the drive and ask them for yourself. They will be happy to share their favorite thing about working for this almost 20 year old company. Oh, and tell them about yourself because that’s often what they look forward to during their day.

Things Not to Forget When Traveling

One of the worst feelings is that moment when you’ve checked into your flight, gone through that painstaking security, rushed to your gate, waited for what feels like forever, boarded the plane, found your seat, and then frantically remembered that you left your headphones on the kitchen table at your house! If only you had had some checklist of things not to forget to pack as you prepared your dusty suitcase the night before. Oh wait, here ya go!

Below is a list of 41 things that you shouldn’t forget to pack when you go on your next adventure.
1. whatever keeps you comfy on your flight or drive (sweatshirt, comfy shoes, blanket, neck pillow)
2. all around, weather clothes (sweatshirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, skirt, shorts, jeans, eveningwear)
3. pjs, socks, underwear
4. shoes: walking shoes, flip-flops, dress shoes
5. bathing suit
6. swimming goggles
7. belt
8. hat/scarf/gloves
9. glasses/contacts
10. sunglasses
11. personal hygiene products: deodorant, toothbrush, razor, toothpaste, hairbrush/comb, mirror
12. lip balm
13. make-up and remover
14. first aid supplies
15. hand sanitizer/wet wipes
16. stain remover/sewing kit
17. nail clippers and tweezers
18. prescriptions/pain killers
19. sunscreen/sunburn relief
20. insect repellent
21. camera
22. a good pen
23. notebook
24. good reading book
25. deck of cards/travel games
26. downloaded music
27. headphones
28. computer/eReader
29. flash drive
30. memory card
31. portable USB battery (multi-charger)
32. Portable phone charger
33. cash- avoid atm fees
34. flashlight
35. padlock
36. knife/tools/compass/whistle
37. space for holiday purchases
38. travel documents/passport/itinerary/tickets
39. map
40. water bottle

Remember: not all these things can go in your carry-on bag, so plan accordingly.

Park with Us this Winter; We’ll Take Good Care of You!

This winter we’re fighting against this season’s treacherous weather with not one, but two snow plows. So this is one less thing for you to worry about while you’re traveling: you can park your car with us assured that your car won’t get stuck in our lot.

Once you enter and park your car in our lot our shuttle will pick you up car side and our dirver will help you and your traveling companions load your luggage onto the shuttle. And when you return, our shuttle will meet you in a covered area at the airport to help you board the shuttle and then will drop you off in our lot by your car and the driver will assist with moving your luggage from the shuttle to your car. No leaving keys with valets or long walks or waits in the cold necessary.

No matter the weather, you’ll be able to get in and out of our lot safely at all times. We’re glad we’re able to offer this small peace of mind to our guests.

In addition to safe entrance and exit to and from our lot, we also offer friendly staff with smiling faces, free water bottles, and kid’s packs; and if you’re new to our lot, our staff will guide you through everything you need to know to ensure your experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Advances in Airport Technology

Given that we are located in an airport town and our customers are travelers who explore airports all around the globe, we understand the value of airport technology and how its constant growth and improvements benefit all travelers.

In recent years, we have seen rapid increase in the popularity of Seattle as a destination and with that, we have seen first hand the technological advancements made in our own airport (Seattle – Tacoma International Airport) and there are even more improvements in the works!

We recently discovered a tool that works as an interactive guide for some of the most technologically advanced airports in the U.S. We’d like to thank Gary Bell from AT&T Internet Service for making us aware of this resource. So, if you’re looking for airports that will make for a smoother more delightful travel experience, make sure you take a look at “Top 15 High Tech Airports in America“.

Little Actions Pay Big When Saving for Travel

“Live your best life by deciding what you want, writing down those desires as goals, creating a plan for achieving them, and refusing to stop until you reach your intended destination.”

Marelisa Fabrega, lawyer and entrepreneur / source


These days, saving money for the travel destination of your dreams might seem so daunting, that your grand excursion takes place only in your mind. For years, you’ve imagined standing before monumental Egyptian pyramids, going on an African safari, visiting the Eiffel Tower in France or holding your loved one’s hand while slowly gliding down Venice’s Grand Canal aboard an elegantly crafted gondola.

“Someday”, you think to yourself.

But, “somedays” never just come. You know that. Goals demand plans, and plans require actions. Luckily, for would-be travelers, little actions can quickly add up to meeting goals sooner than you might expect.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

John Wooden, legendary basketball coach / source


As we mentioned in an earlier post, one easy action you can take to get closer to your travel goals is to get a good travel credit card and use it for most purchases, and then pay off the balance monthly. The perks from this one, single action can make the different between having just enough funds for the basics and traveling in style!

Another action we previously discussed was opening a vacation / travel savings account. This has the benefit of allow you to quickly see account balances, track your progress and pay yourself first via auto transfers. Of course, segregating these funds makes it easier to keep them untouched from other types of financial activity.

So far, the actions we’ve discussed have been powerful, but there are little actions you can do every day to help save money for travel. As you construct a financial strategy that works for you, consider some of these ideas used by savvy, travel-hungry souls who save money by cutting back in the following areas:



  • Stop buying morning coffee and brew it at home
  • Use and stick to shopping lists to resist impulse buying.
  • Cut back drastically on fast food. Avoid temptation by making tasty meals at home, and with the left-overs, you can…
  • …Stop buying lunch every day.
  • Eliminate buying mid-day snacks by making treats at home and taking them with you to work.
  • Fill up bottled water at home, instead of buying. Consider purchasing a water filter or filtration system.
  • Say no to alcoholic drinks to save your money and your liver.
  • Eat at restaurants sparingly.
  • Buy food and other items in bulk at Costco and other similar stores

Entertainment / Memberships / Subscriptions

  • Get movies from the library
  • Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Cable
  • Gym memberships
  • Sporting Events

Clothing / Goods / Services / Associations

  • Buy Second-hand clothing and other items from stores, such as Goodwill.
  • Make gifts instead of purchasing them.
  • Cigarettes
  • Use Groupon and other sites that offer good deals.
  • Take advantage of any available discounts of the organizations you belong to, like the military or teacher organizations.

General Ideas

  • Go generic as much as possible.
  • Pay bills on time to stop paying late fees.
  • Bring back the beloved Piggy Bank! Put in any loose change you have at the end of the day.
  • Get everyone in the family involved by making it a project in which they can participate. Consider a family meeting to strategize meeting your goals, so that everyone is excited and supportive.

Final thoughts

Of course, the above list is only a starting point to generate ideas you can use in your unique situation. And, I’d love to share any money-saving travel ideas you might have with the SeaTacPark family. Please send your tips to feedback@4cesi.com.


“Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now, I challenge you to take another”

Dan Poynter, author / source


Want to know what to expect when you park with us at SeaTacPark? Take our virtual tour here – https://www.seatacpark.com/virtual-tour/