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“We had a mix-up at the lot. NOT your fault, but ours. We had trouble getting our lights out, so the driver we were with put us on an other bus, but I had left my purse on the previous bus. Man oh man, was I ever panicking (our passports and all our cash were in my purse. So the driver waited at the airport for us and gave me my purse (I could have kissed him from head to toe, but I thought not, as my husband was there lol). We have always used your lot and will continue to do so.

We drive down to Seattle from B.C. and by the time we drive down, we are looking so forward to getting to the lot, going to the airport, and just relaxing in the bus. Thank you thank you for your drivers and the ease with which you get us on our way.”

- Jan P.
“I always use your lot when I fly. It is easily accessible and away from the craziness at the airport. Your employees are always very friendly and helpful, just as you have been. I like seeing some of the some faces over time. It is an indication to me that you treat them fairly. I believe that if a business owner treats his employees badly, then he/she will treat me badly. Your shuttles are clean and the pick-up service at my car almost instantaneous. Thank you!”
- Suellen J.

“Regardless of when I arrive or leave, I’m always greeted by the booth staff.

I switched from Thrifty about 5 years ago and am staying with SeaTac Park because of the quantity of parking spaces and especially how wide they are, keeping door ding damage to a minimum.

Thanks for providing a location close to the airport and one that makes me feel secure about leaving my vehicle for any length of time.”

- Allen
“I primarily use for the excellent customer service. As I am in the customer service business myself, I appreciate when a person or company understands what excellent service is and actually implements it. Personally, I would rather pay more for great service than get a great deal only to be treated poorly. Lucky for me, I get both with!”
- Lisa M.
“SeaTacPark was WAY easier to use than I expected. Because of the location, it is actually easier to get to and get out of than any other location I’ve used. The staff were extremely pleasant, helpful and really seemed to enjoy their jobs. I will never park anywhere else.”
- Heather A.
“It was a great experience. I have not done this before and now I won’t go any place else!! Thank you for your great customer service and kindness.”
- Kari K.

“I have come to expect nothing but quick, courteous service from SeaTac Park, and you never fail to deliver.

I travel quite a bit, and even though it may cost an extra buck or two than some other parking facilities, STP’s quality of service, efficiency of operations, and excellence of staff more than justify the moderately higher cost, and you certainly deliver much more than the higher-priced options.

For example, when the power was out due to a windstorm earlier this year, the staff went above and beyond to ensure airport pickups were still regular and suggested helpful alternate routes for leaving the area to avoid the traffic congestion – much appreciated after being on the road for a week and just wanting to get home!

I will happily continue to use and refer STP as the best SeaTac parking option, bar none.”

- Erik M.
“I think the I-5 Exit 151 is an extremely easy access to the airport area.”
- Elizabeth P.
“I just love parking here. I wouldn’t go any where else. All of your employees are GREAT!!!”
- K. Wright
“I feel great about leaving my car there.”
- Jordan C.
“I don’t think I will ever use the airport shuttle service from my town or get rides to/from the airport again. This was a wonderful airport experience.”
- M. Maris
“Outstanding service!”
- M. Teaclbut
- Tom Mariano
“All of your employees have been very helpful and go above and beyond the call of duty. I appreciate the fast service and secure parking lot. I don’t worry anymore about my vehicle now that I park at”
- Melinda T.
“Your service is exceptionally wonderful. I feel I’m leaving my car at a safe place and the staff is wonderfully friendly, efficient, and helpful. Thanks for the exceptional service!”
- Hibba W.

I’ve been using this lot since 2008. Super easy to get to right off I5. If you prepay online, it’s cheaper. I don’t think I’ve ever waited for more than 10 mins for a shuttle back. Ask for a rewards card; you can earn free parking days for next time! Always friendly staff and drivers.

Shuttle drivers and parking lot gate booth staff were best experience I’ve had yet since flying out of Seattle last few years. Shuttle drivers picking up from airport late night have an especially challenging job….stressed out travelers who want to get home…..but unfortunately shuttles DO fill up. Your guys were courteous enough to stop and let everyone know they weren’t being ignored, and another shuttle was minutes behind. Fast, friendly, honest, and professional… rare!!! Great job, I’ll be coming back every time.

SeaTac Airport Parking