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SeaTac Airport Parking

SeaTac Airport Parking

Experience Safety

Our “State of the Art” safety and security program is unsurpassed


Instant Voice Communication

All of our drivers are in constant contact with our dispatch office via Nextel® digital cell phones.


Digital Video Monitoring

Our 12 cameras and computer back-up system provide 24/7 monitoring and full lot coverage.


100% Paved Lot

Our lot is completely paved and maintained by our personnel. Clean spaces are always available.


Fenced Facility

Our high-security 6′ high chain link fence is topped with 2′ of 3 strands of barbed wire.


Enhanced Lighting

27 light poles with double-headed fixtures provide excellent lighting for each space. No over lit spots and no dark shadows.


Continuous Bus Roaming

Our buses are in-and-out continuously throughout the day. Our vigilant drivers are trained to look for anything out of the ordinary.


Trained Emergency Personnel

Our lot is less than 500 feet from a fully equipped fire station, allowing for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

SeaTac Airport Parking