An Easy Strategy to Save Money for Travel

Kim in Eternity Pool

Last year, I wrote about Kim, a creative, financially savvy traveler who tours the world enriching her life with the kind of experiences most people only dream of. I mentioned that despite her middle-class status, Kim’s budgetary strategies have afforded her voyages across the globe to Europe, Turkey, Greece, Australia and more. And, each excursion crossed off her bucket list is replaced with fresh ideas of exciting, new destinations along with plans of how to get there.

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Of course, Kim’s financial tactics won’t fit every situation, so I’ve explored a multiplicity of ideas and approaches people use to save money for their travel dreams, as well as tips to spend money wisely and to keep it secure during the journey.

It’s Time to Get Started

Open a Vacation / Travel Savings Account 

When I was in high school I saw an incredible road bike that I wanted badly. Problem was, the bike was an expensive purchase for a young person who bagged groceries for tips. Nevertheless, I wanted that bike so much, that I opened a savings account. And, after every shift, I diligently walked over to the bank and deposited most of what I made that day. I worked hard every shift just for the opportunity to proudly make that deposit.

Two months later, that bike was mine.

This early experience taught me that a dedicated savings account actually made it easier to focus energy toward my goal by paying directly into the fund before I used the money for anything else – a strategy called, “Paying Yourself First”. A dedicated savings account also makes it easier to see balances, track your progress, and to make withdraws when the time is right.

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