Frequently Asked Questions

How far are you from the airport?

We are approximately 1.5 miles south of the airport.

How long will it take to get there?

From the time you arrive on our lot, it will take no more than 10 -15 minutes to get to the airport.

What are your accepted methods of payment?

For online reservations and at checkout we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners.

What times should I use for my reservation?

Your reservation should include the times you plan to enter and exit our lot, NOT your flight times. You should plan to arrive at our lot 10-15 minutes before you’d like to arrive at the airport.

I have a Rewards Account with you. Do I need to log in prior to making a reservation?

We recommend you always log in prior to making a reservation to ensure that your points and parking history are credited properly. This will also allow you to scan your membership card or mobile app barcode at check-in and check-out rather than using your reservation confirmation. If you forget to log in prior to making a reservation, be sure to let the cashier know that you have an account with us at checkout. They can apply the stay to your account at that time as well.

Can I use my Rewards Account points to redeem free days when making a reservation?

You can! After logging in to your account, enter the dates and times you plan to arrive to and depart from the lot in our Reservations tool. On the “Select Your Quote” page you will see a drop down menu entitled either Redeem Points or Redeem FPP Days (depending whether you are on our website or using our mobile app) where you can select the number of free days that you’d like to use for the reservation. 65 points = 1 free day.

I made an online reservation. Do I need to print my confirmation email?

You may print your reservation if you’d like but is not necessary. When you check in and check out with us, you can scan the reservation barcode on the printed reservation or directly from a smart phone. Alternately, if you have logged in prior to making your reservation you can scan your membership card or mobile app barcode.

Can I prepay for my reservation?

You can! All prepaid reservations are for a single use only. If your stay is shorter than the prepaid reservation time, the unused portion is forfeited at checkout. If your stay exceeds the prepaid reservation time, you will be responsible for the balance owed at checkout, charged at the same rate used for the rest of the reservation. Full refunds will only be available to reservations cancelled prior to departure date and time, which can be done through the link provided in your reservation confirmation email.

Do you offer discounts for making prepaid reservations?

We do! Prepaying for reservations can save you up to 40%, depending on when you reserve. Our Early Bird Prepay Discount will save you 40% off of our Standard rate, and is valid for prepaid reservations made at least one week in advance. You can also save 25% off our Standard rate by making a prepaid reservation within one week of travel. We offer a limited number of prepay discounts during extremely busy travel times, so reserve early to be eligible to save.

I have coupon. When do I need to give it to your staff?

Please refer to the terms of each coupon. Some coupons can be entered into our system when making a reservation to apply it to your transaction. If the coupon specifies that it must be presented to the cashier upon your exit you may either print it or show it to the cashier on your smart phone. If you did not make reservation, be sure to inform the cashier that you would like to use coupon.

I have another coupon. Can it be combined?

Please refer to the terms of each coupon.

Do you accept coupons from competitors?

No. When our customers take advantage of our online reservation rates and our Rewards Program, they find that they get a better effective rate than that offered in most competitor coupons. Once a customer has made a reservation online, that customer also begins to receive special offers via email for even better rates for future visits.

How do you know to pick me up at the airport?

We keep our shuttles on constant rotation using our Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite tracking system. From 6 am until 12 midnight the shuttles arrive automatically every 5-7 minutes. From 12 midnight to 6am travelers may text ‎253-237-3390 or use the courtesy phone to call for shuttle, which will meet them within ten minutes.

I am coming back after midnight, what do I do?

See previous question.

How do I find shuttle at the airport when I return?

When you return from your trip our shuttles will pick you up at either Island 1 or 3 of the airport parking garage shuttle pickup area. Once you see our shuttles clearly marked, simply raise your hand and driver will pick you up.

How will the driver know where I parked?

There are two methods for knowing where you have parked. You can use our app (see the links on our home page) or you can use a stall locator slip that our friendly drivers will offer you on the shuttle. On your return you can then show the stall location on your handheld device or present the stall locator slip to the driver who picks you up.

Should I leave my valuables visible in my car?

As always when traveling protect your valuables and keep them out of sight.

I have lot of luggage, can I check it in first and then park my car?

Some customers prefer to check their luggage first and then park and ride with us hands free.

Are you handicap accessible?

With 24 hour advance notice we offer wheelchair assistance with specially-equipped van and trained staff. We do need little advance notice, as we need to make sure we have specially-licensed driver on duty both when the guest arrives and departs and so that we can seek and receive special permission from the Port of Seattle to drop the guest off at departures. Please send an email to when making your reservations so that we can confirm availability.

I use motorized scooter for assistance but I am able to walk short distance, will I need to arrange for special needs pickup?

Yes, we have trained staff on hand and specially equipped shuttle, just call our office and we will take care of the rest.

What is the total price?

See our reservations page for quote, including all taxes and fees.

How is parking charged?

Parking is based on a 24-hour clock starting from when customer takes parking ticket.

Do you offer covered parking?

Unfortunately we do not provide covered parking, however you are welcome to place car cover on your vehicle while you are away.

Do you offer oversized vehicle parking?

We offer extra-long parking stalls for large pickup trucks, subject to availability.