How to Benefit from a Travel Credit Card

In our last post, “An Easy Strategy to Save Money for Travel”, we focused on the benefits of opening a dedicated saving account as the first step in executing your travel budgeting strategy. In fact, this is the foundation for all the money-saving strategies executed by Kim, my eternally wandering friend who’s travel exploits are the stuff of legend in my circle.

So, with a travel savings account as the foundation, what comes next?

Grab a Good Travel Credit Card

Something I’ve noticed about Kim is that she uses her travel credit card for every purchase she makes, from gas to groceries to utilities, then pays off the balance monthly.  She told me she would spend the money anyway, but doing it this way racks up perks faster than you might expect.

Types of Cards

Finding the right credit card that works for your unique lifestyle, financial needs and travel goals can be a little challenging, but the rewards and perks are well worth the effort.  There are:

  • General Travel CardsEvery purchase earns points to use for many airlines and various travel-related services.
  • Airline Credit CardsGood for earning points and perks on your favorite airline, such as priority check-in, and companion tickets.
  • Hotel Credit CardsGood for earning points and bonuses at your favorite hotel, like free nights, room upgrades and more.

More information

Read Kari Bodnarchuk’s article, “Tips for choosing a credit card for travel benefits” for more info on selecting the type of card suitable for your needs.

Read NerdWallet’s “Best Airline Credit Cards of 2017”.  They compare travel cards, helping you make a selection based on flexibility, budget, airline preference, international travel considerations and more.


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