SeaTacPark History

At SeaTacPark, our goal is to provide the highest quality parking services in the city. We believe the best way to distinguish our business among the many off-airport parking lots near Seattle Tacoma International Airport is to provide a superior parking experience through excellent customer service. From the moment our guests enter the lot to the moment they leave, they can expect to see smiling faces of staff who move quickly to help them have the best parking stay and shuttle experience available.


our lovely location manager Seble


Location Manager

Seble has been with SeaTacPark since 2004. She started as cashier and worked her way up to site manager. Hobbies outside of work include reading and active membership in a local church. She strives to provide excellent service and works hard to make everyone feel like they are a part of the SeaTacPark team.

SeaTac Park manager Tony



Tony’s favorite thing about SeaTac Park is the incredible staff, “the best”. He’s been working here for +16 years. He’s the only 49ers fan on staff. Which leads us into his sense of humor; “What’s the difference between a nicely dressed man on a unicycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle? A tyre!”

SeaTac supervisor Filsan


Nighttime Supervisor

Filsan loves everything about working at SeaTac Park. She has been working there for 17 years. She is an avid sports fan. She loves to watch basketball and the SeaHawks. It makes sense that her favorite joke is, “Why can’t cars play football? Because they only have one boot!”

SeaTac Park manager Kasim


Daytime Supervisor

Kasim has been with SeaTacPark since October of 2013. Like Evan, you will see him in and out of the office as well as in a shuttle from time to time. When not working, he enjoys hanging out with his family, watching sports on television and playing soccer. He enjoys meeting all sorts of interesting people here at work.





Justin loves to help guests check in and out and is happy to give guests a bottle of water as they leave the lot.




Shuttle Driver

Tamrat has been with SeaTacPark since 2013. He enjoys his work and meeting new guests. On his time off he likes to play music and sing for weddings and other events. He is a sports fan and especially likes the Seahawks. He likes his job and meeting new guests.




Shuttle Driver

Alex has been with SeaTacPark since 2015. He enjoys his work and meeting new guests.




Shuttle Driver

Kalab has worked with SeaTacPark since May 2022. In addition to driving shuttle, he likes to cook, and staff find him fun to work with..




Shuttle Driver

Dinku has worked with SeaTacPark since December 2021. He enjoys helping customers get quickly and safely to and from the airport.


SeaTacPark Valet and Shuttle Driver Hailu


Valet and Shuttle Driver

Hailu has been with SeaTacPark since April 2022. In addition to providing valet support and driving shuttle, he likes to help people with accounting and provide advice regarding opening businesses.


What sets us apart?

More Shuttles in the Loop – this means that our guests can expect timely pickup.

Help Loading/Unloading – Our drivers will assist you at your car as you load and unload your luggage.

Online Reservations – Guests can make, change and cancel their reservations online.

Guaranteed Reservations – A reservation is more than a chance that you’ll park with us, it’s a guarantee! If for any reason you are unable to gain entrance when you arrive on the lot, you will receive a voucher for 7 free days of parking for a future stay with us.

Guest Surveys – Each day we email surveys to those customers who have completed a stay that day. We invite timely feedback so that we can monitor and identify opportunities to improve our service. We directly respond to all questions and concerns, and we study the results in order to make appropriate improvements to our operations and website.

Secret Shoppers – Periodically secret shoppers park with us to give us candid feedback regarding our service.

“Green” Lot – In addition to customer service, we also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. From our stormwater treatment system and our natural gas shuttles to our charging stations for electric vehicles, we consistently make choices that will positively impact our surroundings.