SeaTac Airport Parking: Save Yourself Some Stress

Parking can be a very frustrating thing. Whether you are trying to find a spot outside of Safeco Field for a Mariners game, whether you are trying to find a spot at Wal-Mart or if you are in a hurry, rushing and panicking to find parking at Seatac Airport, finding a place to leave your buggy can be a stressful thing.

Google has recently developed a network and application for Android users that helps to solve this problem. Google ‘Open Spot’ relies on humans to report open spots and alert the network when they are leaving. Vacated parking spots are reported by individuals using the trust system to inform others how many spots are available, if any at all.

The program explains the following:

Spots remain open for a maximum of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes parking spots expire. Color-coding indicates how long the spots have been open and the probability that the spots are still vacated.

  • Red pins are freshly-marked spots.
  • Orange pins are spots marked over 5 minutes ago.
  • Yellow pins are spots marked over 10 minutes ago.

Users gain (parking) Karma points for their participation.

This may sound all well and good to some and even fun to others, but I’m not so convinced. Do you really want to bank and rely on a bunch of strangers who could be lying about open spots when you are on a tight schedule in order to catch your flight toHawaii? I know I don’t. Not to mention, not everyone has Android operating phones. I personally would feel 100% more comfortable reserving my spot ahead of time in a safe, reliable and affordable parking lot near SeaTac Airport.

SeaTacPark can provide just that. Don’t risk finding a spot at the last minute at the airport. And don’t risk a stranger lying to you if a spot is vacant or not through a program that uses the honor system. It’s just not worth the extra stress. Eliminate worry and park your car at SeaTacPark for your next vacation or trip.