Find Parking At SeaTac Airport

When you need parking at SeaTac airport in Seattle, you may consider satellite lots near (but not in) the terminal to save money. Parking inside the Seattle airport can be costly, especially for long trips. Instead, you can utilize the parking lot at to store you vehicle safely while you’re away. We run a private lot, which means that we work to make your experience pleasant with on-site greeting, baggage handling and shuttle service door to door.

Reliable Parking at SeaTac Airport in Seattle

Our parking lot is located just south of SeaTac airport. We have ongoing security patrols and very well-lit spaces. Closed-circuit security cameras as well as on-duty staff members make our lot the safest choice near SeaTac airport.

Rules for off-Site Parking

Even if you don’t use our services, there are several rules you should follow when you park in a public lot. Some of them may not apply to your vehicle, but you can never be too safe when your car is parked away from home. Here are some tips to help protect your property:

  • Turn off your headlights and other car accessories prior to locking up
  • Do not leave personal belongings in the car (jewelry, change, CDs) or at least hide them from sight
  • Avoid parking if you plan on being gone more than a month, as cars that have been left for long periods of time are more attractive to thieves.

Most people don’t think twice about carrying coins in plain view in their cars. However, this is one of the main reasons that thieves break into automobiles. Visible items should be removed or stowed before you park. Anti-theft devices and detachable-face stereo systems can also be handy in deterring vandals.